Ao Sane is a rocky beach Located on the southwest coast, the little Ao Sane Beach is an ideal location away from the crowded beaches of Phuket. Ao Sane has enough trees lining its edge to provide shelter from the sun always of the day and likewise has ample sand area for sun lovers, too.

This idyllic beach is ideal to spend cosy time under the shades of trees. There are small wooden bungalows on rent which provides the attractive view of this unique beach .

It is nice secluded beach well-liked amongst returning travellers provide a tranquil and serene surroundings away from the hubbub of crowded beaches. Spend time talking and laughing with family, studying, or just being.

Ao Sane isn't crowded however there are some prime shady spots that get snapped up by early risers. Due to the rocks on the beach, the tough texture of its sand, and a marked slope right down to the ocean, there aren't loads of sports activities like volleyball and soccer on Ao Sane Beach.