Picturesque and interacting art gallery!

The unconventional paintings here use an art technique where two-dimensional pictures are turned into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With 5 galleries dedicated to 3D art, the Art in paradise has a collection like no other. Here you can become a part of the art and get clicked in the mix. This art paradise will rise the inner kid in you and will make your stay here for hours. The gallery's newest feature interacts with the audience by detecting facial expressions and movement.


It is divided into below mentioned seven zones.

Aqua: In this zone, you will find yourself getting trapped in the mouth of a Shark.

Safari: You will witness a wild elephant running towards you tearing the painting.

Classic Art: Get inspired by the art in this zone.

Fantasy: In this zone, you can sit on Aladdin's magic carpet and see much more interesting things.

Nature: See beautiful pictures of wildlife and scenic beauties.

Modern Art: In this zone, you can find art interacting with you by detecting facial expressions and movement.

Media Art: Find various witty art structures explaining the current situation of the world.

Operational hours: 10 AM to 10 PM