Flight Experience Bangkok is a flight simulation centre for young children (and adults) who dream of being pilots. The experience feels so realistic that this cockpit in Bangkok has even been used in films and TV shows. It isn’t a bargain, but still costs significantly less than most flight simulators around the world.

Flight Experience Bangkok's features

The setup is very professional and the fact your session is led by a genuine pilot makes the whole experience incredibly realistic. The simulator has the exact specifications as a real aeroplane and the staff members are all dressed like cabin crew.


The cockpit is the same size as you’d find in a genuine Boeing 737-800NG, and with the majority of buttons and switches linked to computers, this is more advanced than some of the simulators used by pilots for their initial training. There is even a live air traffic control you can communicate with, and face it: who hasn’t dreamed of being in charge of the seat belts ‘off’ button?



How your Bangkok Flight Experience goes

Before getting behind the wheel (or the ‘yoke’ as pilots call it), you’re given a briefing by your instructor. All instructors have pilot’s licenses so you don’t feel too overwhelmed by everything. There’ll be someone sitting next to you helping with the controls as much or as little as you need – but they won’t let you crash.

A session here is suitable for anyone from children as young as 5 but also for those who want something far more genuine than flying on home computers. You’ll have little sense of left or right, but the crew at Flight Experience are very friendly, helpful and speak great English, so even if you are a complete novice, you’ll still get so much out of your flight.