Koh Phi Phi viewpoint is perhaps one among the most things you will visit during your stay Phi Phi island. you'll easily reach Phi Phi viewpoint((Ko Phi Phi Don)) by foot, and this is often where visitors take the long-lasting ‘2 bays view’ photo of Phi Phi. On the left is Tonsai Bay, Loh Dalum beach is on the right, and those majestic limestone cliffs serve as background.

Getting to the viewpoint is easy, and therefore the way is extremely well indicated. Walk to the rear of the Tonsai village and you'll find it. you'll easily find the steps , so start climbing, it’s not too challenging. It can get hot, and mosquitoes are expecting that break you almost certainly will take under the shade of trees, so taking a repellent could be an honest idea.

You will first reach Phi Phi Viewpoint and alittle entry fee is requested. there's no other thanks to continue; just get your ticket and advance . this is often just the first level, so don’t stop here too long. It’s designed to require a rest and a few silly selfies with ‘I Love Phi Phi’ decorations, including some bizarre white concrete chickens. Some people do take selfies, but it’s a touch cheesy, and the view isn't the one you came for. Best is to stay walking. We feel sorry for those that don’t.


There is another 10 to fifteen minutes climb to succeed in the highest . Again, it’s not too challenging if you're decently fit. Once you arrive you'll find 4 things:

Yes, the place are often crowded so best is to come a little early. Eventually, you'll get your space on a boulder for a few of minutes to require your photo while someone is waiting for you to be done with it and do the same. Have fun!