Home to a rare breed of bamboo, this place is certainly one among the must things to try to to in Phi Phi Islands. because the name suggests, Bamboo islands are covered with bamboo and Thai spruces, giving it a lush green appearance. These tightly packed greens within the shape of a heart are going to be a jaw-dropping scenery, and this beautiful green landscape undoubtedly shall have a soothing effect on one's mind and sight.

On the visit to Bamboo Islands, one can engage themselves in various aquatics activities, sailing, speed boating, and snorkeling. If you would like to witness the spellbounding antiques of nature while getting lost within the wilderness of bamboo, then this place may be a must visit. The comforting turquoise waters, sparkling white sands, and therefore the countless number of Bamboo trees are bound to remain etched in your memories forever.